About Us

About Dixon Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Dixon Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is a financial consulting firm serving home health agencies and hospices across the nation. Our employees have over 30 years of experience in the preparation of Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reports for Home Health Agencies and Hospices.

Education and Seminar

Our firm is also a leading educator to the Home Health and Hospice Industry. We provide one day seminars on various topics as well as two and three day comprehensive seminars in various locations across the country. We also have a new online school for home health and hospice.  We expect the school to be open in mid to late October 2015. Our employees have over 25 years of experience in presenting workshops to the health care industry.

Interim Reporting and Analysis

We are able to provide monthly or quarterly financial statements along with interim cost reporting to give home health and hospice business owners and managers key financial information to operate their companies more efficiently and effectively, and helping you to make informed decisions. We also have many years of experience in providing operational review consulting services. This allows us to help companies streamline their operations to reduce cost, while improving controls.

Our Founder

He has a unique way of taking complicated topics and making them easy to understand. Richard K. Dixon is President and Chief Executive Officer of Dixon Healthcare Solutions, Inc.He has over 25 years of financial and operations experience working with Medicare Providers. His has sat at all of the chairs. He was formerly a Medicare Auditor, he has been the Chief Financial Officer for various large Medicare Home Health Agencies with annual revenues exceeding $30 million, and has over 20 years of experience operating his own healthcare consulting firms. This allows him the keen insight to look at problems from all sides and develop distinctive solutions. His experience includes operations consulting, financial management consulting, budgeting, preparation of Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reports, reimbursement management consulting, and delivery presentations on various healthcare topics.

Thousands of people have attended his healthcare seminars. He is a sought after speaker for state and national healthcare association meetings. He has a unique way of taking complicated topics and making them easy to understand. His healthcare seminars continue to be very popular with all of the attendees. He also has developed a wide range of contacts in the healthcare industry, so he is able to present some of the finest comprehensive healthcare seminars for home health agencies and hospices in the country.

He has prepared Medicare and Medicaid cost reports for over 25 years. He understood that home health and hospice providers needed their cost reports prepared for a reasonable fee, and the fee defined. To meet the needs of home health agencies and hospices he pioneered the flat fee cost report preparation program. He also developed unique tools to ensure that the cost reports were prepared correctly and met the Medicare and Medicaid requirements.